VXL joins forces with Lenovo to grow Thin Desktop and Mobile Business

VXL Instruments today announced an agreement with Lenovo to extend both companies’ product portfolios to provide business customers manageable, secure, flexible and scalable thin client solutions.

Beginning immediately, customers worldwide can purchase VXL thin client solutions directly from Lenovo and choose from VXL’s extensive portfolio of desktop thin clients and operating systems. VXL will continue to resell select Lenovo thin ThinkPad laptops, such as the TL412 and TL100 together with its, XLmanage, management software.

“As pioneers in the thin client space, VXL and Lenovo are creating more choices and making it easier for companies to benefit from alternative computing solutions,” said Frank Noon, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, VXL Instruments. “Our commitment to quality coupled with our global footprint ensures customers are never without support for their hardware and software needs.”

Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops are renowned for excellent durability, extra-long battery life and productivity to support today’s mobile worker. The co-branded VXL-Lenovo thin ThinkPad laptops deliver added security and manageability by storing all data virtually in the back office versus on the PC itself. As a result, the thin client solution offers better flexibility and mobility for workers who have previously been tied to their desks due to security policies, such as in financial, insurance, legal and healthcare services.

VXL’s thin client software includes XLmanage, which is free to use and offers powerful remote management from a single console. VXL virtualization software delivers an excellent user experience and is fully compatible with operating systems provided by VXL including, PXE, Sylph-OS, SUSE, GIO2 Linux, XPe, WES and Windows CE 6.0, for seamless integration with backend server systems.

 “Adding VXL thin clients to our PC and server portfolio gives our customers a one-stop shop for their computing needs," said Peter Schrady, Vice President and General Manager, Software and Peripherals Business Unit, Lenovo. "Customers in finance and healthcare are increasingly focused on security, and this relationship helps streamline a customer’s thin client and other computing requirements.”

The Thin ThinkPad laptops are available through VXL sales channels including VXL business partners, and the new VXL desktop thin clients are available through Lenovo sales channels including Lenovo business partners.