VXL launches its strongest ever product line-up including the widest-ever range of Itona desktops

The versatile Itona thin client range ticks all the right boxes by reducing capital and management costs as well as improving security and productivity

Thin client supplier VXL Instruments Ltd has added new Entry Level, Mid-Range and High Performance desktop units to its now strongest-ever Itona line-up. The new units include a wide choice of operating systems and deliver unbeatable thin client computing solutions for cloud, virtualisation and remote desktop environments.

The offering comes with a three year warranty and further strengthens VXL’s market position as one of the world’s premier providers of thin clients. The new units are available now, UK and Europe-wide, exclusively from resellers.

Frank Noon, VP Sales and Marketing commented, “At VXL all we do is think thin. Being focused and listening to the voice of the customer means we’re able to offer a product range that delivers an unbeatable combination of choice, low total cost of ownership, high performance and worldwide customer support.

“And because thin client uses less power when in use and fewer materials in manufacture, its carbon footprint is lower than ordinary computer equipment – while its operating life can be much longer,” Noon added. “Furthermore, these factors lead to improved reliability and greater productivity due to less downtime. Additional benefits of thin client include improved data security; data is safer in server based computing compared to desktop or laptop environments, where the computers can become corrupted or stolen – and, in the case of laptops, even lost,” he commented.

For use in manageable, secure, flexible and scalable IT infrastructures

Conveniently divided into three distinct sectors, Entry Level, Mid-Range and High Performance, the space-saving and environmentally friendly new Itona desktops are purpose built to help enterprises build manageable, secure, flexible and scalable IT infrastructures. An equally impressive number of operating systems are also available, including SUSE, Sylph-OS, XPe, WES, Linux and latest Windows CE 6.0, for each of the ranges, which are also supported by the company’s own remote device management software system, ”XL manage”.

The Entry Level product comprises the highly compact, Itona TC1430 and TC1440 models, measuring just 19cm (7.5”) high. Energy Star rated, both models include the LX600 chip set, making them a great choice for basic, task orientated usage, employing ICA, RDP and other established protocols.

The Mid-Range line-up features the 15 Series (TC1520, 1536, 1526 and1540 models) and the 1 GHz C Series (C21, C23, C32, C35 and C42 models). Utilising the respective VX855 and CN896 chipsets, these thin clients represent the ideal choice for all office environments and offer good multi-media decoding capabilities.

The flagship High Performance range boasts the Cs Series, Ds Series and Es Series. The 1.6Ghz Cs represents a faster version of the standard C series and is capable of delivering more raw processing power. The Ds and Es series incorporate the highly rated VX800 chipset that offers extensive support for local multimedia decoding and provides much improved peripheral performance via high FSB (Front Side Bus), enabling superior functionality in any virtualisation environment.