CloudDesktop – PC repurposing

CloudDesktop helps organisations transition to thin client computing – by transforming existing and legacy PCs or PCs with no OS into secure, centrally managed thin clients.

Repurpose PCs into fully functioning thin clients

CloudDesktop helps organisations make the move from traditional 'fat' PCs to CloudDesktop OS powered thin clients. It quickly and easily converts existing and legacy PCs or PCs with no OS into fully functional thin clients including improved security, outstanding control, zero viruses – and more. Management of the CloudDesktop enabled devices is via the inclusive Fusion DM.

Lenovo CloudDesktop


Quick boot

With modest memory requirements, CloudDesktop boots up fast – even on old, low-powered hardware – giving legacy PCs a real second lease of life, which enables you to better manage migration timescales.

Easy installation

Installation is fast and takes just a few clicks. CloudDesktop can be installed from a bootable USB drive, bootable CD-ROM/DVD, or remotely, using network management tools such as Fusion DM.

USB device manager

Keep your converted PCs secure: control attached USB devices (such as drives, webcams and so on) at a highly granular level, restricting access not only by manufacturer or make or device, but also right down to the model number – for a wide range of devices.

Repository Manager

CloudDesktop’s Repository Manager enables you to add, remove and update protocols and applications, on your converted PCs, with incredible ease – just like an app store.

User Snapshots

CloudDesktop’s User Snapshots feature allows you to revert converted PCs to user-defined configurations. Rolling back to a snapshot is quick and easy.

Peer updates

To make updates as easy as possible, you simply update one machine as a ‘master’ and then instruct other machines on the network to follow those updates automatically.


Enhanced security is one of the key reasons for moving to thin clients. So, converted PCs can have restrictions applied by IP address, by ports and by URLs. Just as with thin clients, everything can be locked down.

Modest hardware specifications

Even ageing PCs you might think are outpaced by today’s operating systems can be given a new life. CloudDesktop needs just 1GB of storage space and 1GB of RAM. Once installed, legacy machines should zip along nicely.

Unix services

CloudDesktop has built-in support for most popular Unix services – such as SAMBA, FCron, SNMPd, VNC and Crontab. Printing? You get CUPS, SMB, IPP, LPD and JetDirect printing with PrintQueue management – devices can also act as print servers using JetDirect.


CloudDesktop works with the infrastructure you already have – or are planning to deploy. It’s compatible with Microsoft, Citrix and VMware’s virtualisation protocols – fitting straight into your network, now and in the future.

Appliance mode

Configure converted PCs with ease to run only allowed protocols and/or applications, giving you dedicated, managed computing appliances without any hassle.

Expertly managed

Fusion DM can provide expert management for your converted PCs as well as selected Lenovo thin client hardware. This means full control over discoverability, compliance, reporting, power management, task management, security, 24/7 monitoring and much, much more.


Licence fee

There’s no complex pricing. CloudDesktop has a low-cost, perpetual licence. One device, one licence.

Support fee

For the first year, access to world-class support is included – and is optional thereafter.

Perpetual licence

All CloudDesktop licences are perpetual. There are no repeat licensing costs. You pay once and own the licence for the life of the device.

Real ROI

CloudDesktop dramatically extends the life of legacy machines – saving you money by squeezing every ounce of value from your current PCs.

Regional and volume pricing

Regional and volume pricing available. Contact us for more information.

CloudDesktop – PC repurposing solution

Where previously moving to thin clients would mean discarding lots of expensive PC desktops and laptops – and buying new thin client hardware – CloudDesktop provides a quick and easy solution to thin client computing. You convert the PC hardware you already own, migrating to new hardware when you choose. 


In addition to English, CloudDesktop is also available in both French and German language versions. CloudDesktop is compatible with Microsoft, Citrix and VMware’s virtualisation protocols. (Microsoft, Citrix and VMware are acknowledged trademarks – and remain the property of their respective owners in the US and/or other countries.)