Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

As information technology evolves, so does the sphere of desktop computing. Lenovo, with its Windows 10-IoT LTSC high performance thin clients are embracing the latest in desktop evolution - Microsoft® Windows Virtual Desktop. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is the latest offering from Microsoft®, leader in operating systems and applications worldwide.

On-demand virtualization

WVD is an on-demand virtualization technology located in the Azure framework at Microsoft and allows IT departments to spin up virtual PC desktops on demand, allowing the organization to run their applications as if they were on a physical PC within their own premises. WVD brings many benefits to the company that takes advantage of this new technology paradigm. The Windows Virtual Desktops powered by Microsoft® Azure are maintained for operational availability by the Azure system, meaning IT managers can rest assured by the safety and security that Microsoft® Azure brings.


Lenovo ThinkCentre Thin Clients for Azure

At only 35% the size of a 1L Tiny desktop, the ThinkCentre Thin Client delivers a very high level of performance thanks to its powerful AMD processors with Radeon™ graphics that combine the processing power to stay productive and the graphics capabilities that are perfect for video enabled unified communications.

Security Inside and Out

The ThinkCentre Thin Client has built-in AMD Memory Guard, which provides full memory encryption to help protect sensitive data if the device is ever lost or stolen. It’s also built with ThinkShield features, such as dTPM 2.0 chip, Smart USB protection, individual USB port disablement and a chassis intrusion switch.

Unlimited Flexibility

Mount it anywhere—on the wall, behind a monitor, under the table top. Or keep it free for ultimate grab-and-go portability. The ThinkCentre Thin Client makes it easy for users to commute without burden. Simply connect ThinkCentre Thin Clients and start working, whether at the office or at home, for a multi-monitor, ergonomic, full desktop computing experience.

Manageability meets Efficiency

The ThinkCentre Thin Client has a very low power consumption making it extremely efficient from an IT and power consumption standpoint. It is also very easy to deploy and manage thanks to the free of cost, Fusion DM. Update OS images, perform security updates, install new drivers or applications and much more, remotely from any location using a browser.

Powerful Productivity

The ThinkCentre Thin Client features options like TrueZero, that auto-configures the device on boot allowing fast deployment of configurations, and FastStart that brings up the OS within a few seconds increasing user productivity. It has all the ports users need to stay connected to peripherals, networks, and accessories. Users can also connect to two displays for multitasking, plus a full-size keyboard and mouse, headphones, and more. A USB-C port offers fast charging and quick data sharing.