Kodungallur Town Co-operative Bank (KTC)

Based in Kodungallur town, India, the KTC Co-operative bank was established in 1921. With a total of seventeen branches, KTC’s success has been built on its commitment to ethical banking practices and providing the best-in-class customer service.

Sector: financial services

The Business Challenge

Facing a number of IT challenges caused by an aging IT infrastructure, The KTC Bank was concerned about maintaining its excellent customer service. In particular, business operations were beginning to be affected by the aging desktop PC hardware due to product reliability and the high cost of maintenance.

Furthermore, support for the bank’s growing number of branches, 17 to date, was also under strain, leading the KTC Bank to recognise the need for a reliable and class-leading, server based I.T. infrastructure. One that that not only made economic sense, but was also scalable, offered centralised and remote management as well as excellent security.

The Solution & Benefits

Aware of VXL’s reputation for leading thin client hardware and industry knowledge of desktop virtualisation, KTC bank made contact with VXL to undertake an evaluation of suitable thin clients that not only fulfilled its latest requirements but also those in the future. In particular, KTC Bank were interested in processing power, low power consumption and connectivity, eventually choosing VXL ‘Itona’ range of desktop thin clients, including the TC43, 65 and 67 series with WES 7 operating system.

Importantly, the switch to VXL thin clients as opposed to traditional PC desktops also had a beneficial effect on the company’s annual IT capital and maintenance expenditure and due to thin client’s lower power consumption, also ensured greater environmental benefits.


“There were many key reasons for choosing VXL” said KTC Bank’s General Manager, Mr Sanal Chacko. “Outstanding product performance was very important, but it was also VXL’s care in recommending the right IT solutions as well as demonstrating the cost savings to our business” he added. “The speed of thin client deployment compared to PCs and the quick pre-sales support were also further key factors which attracted us to VXL” said Mr Binoj, IT Manager, KTC Bank.

KTC Bank to date has deployed over fifty VXL desktop thin clients across its business locations and the company’s technology refresh strategy is to eventually replace all PCs with VXL thin client desktop devices as the business fulfils its expansion plans.