Lazza Ice Cream

Lazza Ice Cream

Lazza is one of India’s most popular ice cream brands and its unusual name came from an Arabic word meaning ‘all good things in life'. With its headquarters based in Cochin, India, Lazza has over thirty years experience and has been successfully making ice creams and frozen desserts since 1980.

Sector: food and drink

Having a total of twenty seven production factories over several different locations, Lazza’s success has been built on its on-going commitment to product quality, not only for the finest ice cream but also frozen desserts and syrups - a fact that has been widely recognised by the ever-increasing popularity of its product ranges.

Business challenge

As a large and well established company that operates over many existing locations, Lazza faced a growing number of IT challenges. In particular, the existing desktop PC hardware was proving to be a drain on resources due to product reliability and the on-going high maintenance costs.
Furthermore, to support the company’s growing number of locations, 27 to date, Lazza also recognised the need for a reliable and class-leading, server based I.T. infrastructure that not only made economic sense, but was scalable, offered centralised and remote management as well as excellent security.

Solution and benefits

In order to provide the reliable, manageable IT infrastructure, Lazza needed to find the right server based hardware solution. After conducting a series of product tests, Lazza selected the VXL ‘Itona’ range of desktop thin clients, in particular, TC43, C and 65 series including both Linux and WES 7 operating systems.
Importantly, the switch to VXL thin clients as opposed to traditional PC desktops also had a beneficial effect on the company’s annual IT capital and maintenance expenditure and due to thin client’s lower power consumption, also ensured greater power consumption savings.


“There were many key points as to why we chose VXL” said Lazza’s Director, Francis John, “The outstanding product performance was very important, but it was also VXL’s ability to recommend the right IT solutions and show the cost savings to our business that was also critical”. "Furthermore, it only took a few minutes to deploy the thin clients compared to PCs and combined with the quick After Sales support , made VXL solution an even more attractive proposition." he added.

Lazza to date has deployed over fifty VXL desktop thin clients across its business locations and the company’s technology refresh strategy is to eventually replace all PCs with VXL thin client desktop devices as the business fulfils its expansion plans.